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Animal Watch is an online YouTube TV Show created and fronted by wildlife presenter Anneka Svenska which has amassed over 166 million views in 4 years alone and over 700K regular subscribers. Covering dogs, wolves, top predators, animal rescue and conservation it is fast becoming the top ‘go to’ channel for up to date facts and factually correct information for dogs and wildlife the world over. Conservationist and travel Eco-influencer Anneka gets up close with wolves, sharks, alligators and many other exciting animals while providing in-depth information on conservation and vital eco-topics. Animal Watch is rapidly expanding as it closes in on 1 million subscribers as it’s team travels internationally now around the globe bringing exciting weekly episodes to its viewers.

Anneka’s production company Green World TV was founded in January 2015 with a dream to create campaigns and films for Wildlife Conservation and Charitable Organisations worldwide as well as to produce factually accurate wildlife and animal shows.

Green World TV has worked with the following organisations and charities and have also been nominated for awards for their work:

Wildlife Trusts, Bird Fair, The Born Free Foundation, The Badger Trust, World Animal Day, WolfWatchUK, National Badger Day, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, World Animal Day, Naturewatch Foundation, Mayhew Animal Home, Folly Animal Rescue, LionAid, All Dogs Matter, Paws2Rescue,  International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals, International Animal Rescue, The Dog’s Trust, Humane Society International, National and London Pet Show, Helping Rhinos, Vale Animal Hospital, Folly Animal Rescue, The Fox Project, The Black Mambas (Transfrontier Africa), Bristol Festival of Nature, Wetnose Animal Aid, VegFest UK, Viva! & Veganuary.

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