Appeal for Budi the baby Orangutan who screams in pain

budi-iarAnyone who has seen the heart—wrenching video of Budi the baby Orangutan, cannot help but to be deeply moved. As his carer lifts him from the bed, he cries in pain and his human-like eyes show such emotion that we all want to help him desperately.

Please support International Animal Rescue who are currently caring and fundraising for this little guy. Every penny counts as amazing vets and carers are helping him regain the use of his twisted and deformed limbs after spending his entire childhood crushed in a chicken pen fed on poor condensed milk. Never was he freed from this pen and now at 8 months old when he should be swinging from trees, he has to be assisted into a sitting position.

Rescuers were allowed to take Budi after his carer realized that what she was doing was wrong and she surrendered him. He is now under the care of experts for International Animal Rescue.

Orangutans are snatched from their parents every year in Borneo; the mothers are often shot dead as they are considered pests. Humans have stripped their habitat for logging and for palm oil plantations forcing the orangutans to move onto agricultural land. Here is where the adults are shot and more than often the babies taken as pets by locals or traded on the exotic pet market.

Budi is making a slow recovery but he will need ongoing physiotherapy and operations. His medical costs will be high, but if everyone gives some money, he has a real chance of making it.

Please watch my Campaign for International Animal Rescue, share it wide and far and please donate here: