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TV presenter Anneka Tanaka (previously Svenska) is a Wildlife Presenter, animal rescuer & Green Guru who is well known in the UK for her work with animals on and off the screen. Anneka has drawn much of her inspiration off her mum's late partner Ben Metcalfe, who was one of the original Greenpeace founders.


Before working in natural history TV, Anneka fronted the successful movie show outTHERE which ran for 3 years. Most recently though, she has appeared as a dog & wolf expert in many well known animal TV programs. Also she makes regular appearances at various corporate dog shows around the UK.

In late 2011, Anneka co-founded a new charitable organisation called K-9 Angels alongside two media colleagues Victoria Eisermann and Pola Pospieszalska. This organisation was set up to provide a link between dog rescuers in dangerous countries of the world and adopters in UK countries. So far in 2012, the trio have helped home over 120 stray dogs from Romania alongside long established charity Romanian Animal Aid. 2012 will see K-9 Angels move their work program into Thailand where they have started to help rescue and re-home ‘meat’ dogs to the UK.


Anneka’s love for animals started when she grew up in a household surrounded by animals. She was working as a junior member of the RSPCA by the age of 5 raising money for the charity through local fundraising events she organised. At the age of 8, Anneka passed by an ALF stand in her local high street and was given leaflets describing animal abuse around the globe. This horror converted her to vegetarianism and helped shape her desire to contribute towards stopping animal cruelty around the globe. By the age of 15 Anneka had already saved numerous animals and her house became a haven for all manner of adopted and saved creatures. Anneka started to train as a vet, but pulled the ropes on this career due to her being unwilling to euthanize animals. Anneka decided instead to focus all of her animal saving efforts into TV and conservation instead. Anneka left school with a degree in TV & Environmental Studies.




Anneka has travelled to many countries working on conservation projects surrounding some of the globe's most endangered animals. She is a strong supporter for many animal charities including The Animal Asia Foundation, VIVA (Vegetarians Voice for Animals), Born Free, The UK Wolf Sanctuary and Greenpeace and has appeared alongside wonderful personalities such as Joanna Lumley and Paul McCartney in many of their campaigns and videos.




Anneka writes for many of the top wildlife and dog magazines on a regular basis and also is a guru on eco friendly alternatives to modern day living and eco friendly food.