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Please stop Romania from illegally killing off all their stray dogs!!



A dire situation has arisen in Romania, where dogs are being clubbed or burned to death on a daily basis in order to clean up the stray situation over there. It is illegal to euthanise an animal in Romania unless it is sick or dying, however perfectly healthy dogs, including small puppies are being collected on a daily basis, forced into disgusting overcrowded shelters and all beaten to death by the end of the week.

As Romania seems to be out of the limelight a lot of the time when it comes to mainstream animal welfare, the world has overlooked this horrific situation and needs your help NOW!

Organisations and shelters are doing 'overnight cleaning' of their facilities resulting in entire homes of dogs euthanized overnight with cruel and horrific methods, such as axes, crowbars, hammers etc.

I have been contacted by volunteers who have been feeding these dogs on a daily basis. They have returned to the facilities only to find every dog dead, bagged up and ready to be disposed of. These dogs are not being 'put to sleep' kindly, but being bludgeoned to death en mass. The volunteers are held back by 'body guard' types who stop them from entering in on the premises.

Please kindly read the following information and help by writing to the Romanian Government telling them that this must stop and the world now knows about their shame.

There are two documents detailing the corruption at hand here. It is a very serious situation and must be read thoroughly so please give some time to read all the information.

Document 1

Document 2




Anneka's late step dad 'Ben Metcalfe' was one of the original founders of Greenpeace and sailed the original Greenpeace boat out into the Pacific all those years ago to stop the nuclear testing.
Because of Ben and his fellow crew - this is how Greenpeace made it's name.
Read more about Ben and how it all started at:

Butterfly World
Anneka and David Bellamy lend their support to the official launch of Butterfly World
Britain is to build the world's biggest butterfly house as a giant visitor attraction with a giant conservation message:
stop butterflies disappearing.
Butterfly World, which will have 10,000 butterflies at a time fluttering under its 300ft-wide, walk-through dome, is being built just off the M25, near St Albans, Hertfordshire.
The £25m project was launched with the support of some of the major voices in Britain's conservation community, led by Sir David Attenborough.



Anneka raises awareness for our oceans
Anneka Svenska dives the Maldives to help raise awareness about the damage which is being inflicted upon our oceans
Anneka, a keen diver, marine fish and invertebrate enthusiast invited photographers on a dive with her this May to show how holiday makers can so easily damage the oceans with careless diving habits,
such as kicking and removing corals. Also how dumping waste into the oceans is poisoning our fish.
Sadly if Global Warming carries on the way it is going, it is predicted that the Maldives will be under water by 2050. 



Anneka Svenska speaks on behalf of the Wolves of Sweden
for Swedish Wolf protection charity Nodulv:

Anneka fronted National Pet Month and Wet Nose Day 5th April - 5th May 2008
National Pet Month was originally set up to promote responsible pet ownership
More can be read about this great cause by clicking on the logo above
To view Anneka's video promoting National Pet Month, click on the link below:


National anti-Chinese fur day fronted by Cindy Jackson and Anneka Svenska

February 13 saw worldwide demonstrations by animal rights supporters protesting about the Chinese fur traders.
In London Cindy Jackson and wildlife presenter Anneka Svenska along with MP Roger Gale attended the demonstration held there.


Anneka judges and co-hosts the Wag and Bone Show
Anneka judged and presented alongside Shauna Lowry and Anthony Head in support of the Dog’s Trust.



Anneka attends VIVA’s 10th Anniversary party on the SS Great Britain
Anneka supported Viva’s 10th anniversary alongside Michael Mansfield QC, Actress Jenny Seagrove and presenter Wendy Turner Webster.



Greek Embassy Demonstration
Anneka Svenska attended the Greek Embassy on Holland Park on the 26th of August, amidst a fantastic turn out of demonstrators.
Both Anneka and Vesna, founder of the Greek Animal Rescue confronted an Embassy official and after passing the petition over,
engaged in a strong debate surrounding the mysterious disappearance of over 15,000 strays in and around Athens in the run up to the Olympics.

Anneka was joined by fellow presenter Louise Brady

Photo: Edward Lloyd



Anneka is also a patron to the animal charity
Cornish Voice for Animals



  The Skiathos Animal Shelter
This shelter was set up by some wonderful English animal lovers and has created a harmonious atmosphere for their well-fed, well-loved inhabitants. This dog home aims it’s advertising at the tourists who visit Skiathos. They raise funds by inviting the tourists to come walk their dogs daily. This incredible idea gives the sweet and docile dogs exercise and love and at the same time brings much needed donations to the shelter.Despite the amazing home Anneka encountered, there are many ‘death-row’ shelters in Greece at the moment, where the conditions are so disgusting that the dogs pretty much go there to die.



WSPA Chinese Bear Bile Farms Press Call
Anneka protested on behalf of the WSPA alongside Lisa B outside the Chinese Embassy, London, against the cruel Bear Farms of the East. The Bears are caged throughout their painfully short life in cages they cannot stand up in. A catheter is inserted into an open wound into their gall bladder and they are 'milked' for bear bile throughout the day. Many do not survive the catheter operation due to infection. The poor few who survive suffer in great distress and pain until they die.
Please support Anneka in bringing awareness to this cruel trade by visiting the WSPA at:

Anneka Svenska was joined actress Lisa B outside the Chinese Embassy





VIVA Factory Farm Demonstration 
Anneka joined fellow animal concious celebrities on stage at the Oval, London in a protest against animal cruelty and spoke out live to the 5,000 supporters present about her views on factory farming.
Anneka appears in VIVA's anti factory farming DVD 'Not in My Name' alongside Joanna Lumley, Paul McCartney, Martin Shaw, Wendy Turner Webster, Chrissie Hynde, Michael Mansfield QC and Jerome Flyne
Click HERE  for more information

Anneka joins Wendy Turner Webster at the VIVA march Oval, London

Anneka & daughter Annalise. 
Photo by Corin Jeavons.