‘Compassion Over Cruelty’ Campaign – Cruelty Free Cosmetics

The 25th of October saw the eagerly awaited celebrity launch of the ‘Compassion Over Cruelty’ campaign for charity NatureWatch Foundation, the organisation behind famous ‘World Animal Day’.


Compassion Over Cruelty is a campaign highlighting NatureWatch Foundation’s ‘Compassionate Shopping Guide’ which lists every company in the world which does and does not test on animals. It also investigates the parent companies too which makes it the most thorough guide out there to date.

Despite the EU, and countries like Israel and Norway, banning the sale and importation of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested on animals, most countries still allow animals to be subjected to painful tests all in the name of beauty.

Compassion Over Cruelty Launch Cruelty Free cosmetics Anneka Svenska

Chemicals are dropped into their eyes and on to their skin, often causing painful blinding and burning. Once used, their bodies are discarded like rubbish as more are bred to take their place.

But is it even necessary? Many of the world’s biggest beauty brands still test on animals in parts of the world where it is legal – even when perfectly safe, modern, alternatives exist.

My production company GreenWorldTV had produced the campaign film which features actress Rula Lenska, BBC Comedian Jake Yapp, celebrity hairstylist Daniel Field, Vegan model Daryna Milgenvska and make up artist to the stars Alex Riva Ravina. Filmed and Edited by Tom Ross of Animantium Productions.

Compassion Over Cruelty Launch Cruelty Free cosmetics Anneka Svenska

The star studded but ‘compassionate’ evening was hosted at Mark Fuller’s beautiful Sanctum Soho and charity PR Nick Ede and The East of Eden team helped bring the whole event together. We had vegan food in abundance for guests and drink kindly sponsored by Cointreau.

Compassion Over Cruelty Launch Cruelty Free cosmetics Anneka Svenska

We only invited animal loving celebrities and journalists and we were delighted at the turn out which included BBC DJ Nicky Campbell and his family, This Morning’s presenter Matt Johnson and Bryony Blake, TV presenter Olivia Cox, Model Jilly Johnson, Actress Vicki Michelle, actor Dan Richardson from Disney’s ‘The Lodge’, TV presenter Wendy Turner Webster and Beauty Author Cindy Jackson.

Compassion Over Cruelty Launch Cruelty Free cosmetics Anneka Svenska

Rula Lenska kindly hosted the evening for guests before BBC comic Jake Yapp took to the stage for a 10 minute comedy piece about animals and nature which was simply brilliant. I then introduced the film which was watched before NatureWatch Foundation’s CEO Caroline Ruane took to the stage to explain more about their cruelty free shopping guide. #CompassionOverCruelty

To watch the campaign film please scroll down and if you would like to send off for a Compassionate Shopping Guide pleases click on the link below:

Compassion Over Cruelty Launch cruelty free cosmetics Anneka Svenska