Anneka Svenska in association with GreenWorldTV and AFI (Angels for the Innocent) presents ‘Eating Friends’ Part 2, a hard hitting short on The Boknal Dog Meat Trade of Korea and how the world is standing up to protest against this practice.

Eating Friends contains some graphic scenes, but hopes to cause conversation and education into the torture dogs and cats endure in Korea every year where it is common to be slowly hung, electrocuted slowly, boiled alive, throat cut while conscious, blow torched alive and beaten over the head repeatedly until dead.

The film contains scenes from the London Boknal protest 2016 combined with the Los Angeles Protest the next day. Featuring celebrities Nigel Marven, Rosanna Davison and Leilani Dowding. Presented, written and produced by Wildlife Presenter and AFI Founder Anneka Svenska.

To watch please click below: