Animal Watch: Florida / Turks & Caicos

Anneka has just returned from her Florida and Turks and Caicos Tour for Animal Watch where she and her team filmed up close with Alligators, Manatees, Blue Bay Shepherd Wolfdogs, The Giant Tarpon Fish, Lemon Sharks and The Potcake Stray dogs.

These new and exciting international episodes of Animal Watch will now join the already popular channel as Animal Watch breaks out internationally.

Top predators can be abused and misunderstood the world around, so it was paramount to Wolf specialist and UK TV Wildlife Host Anneka Svenska that these needed to be included in a new expanding part of the Animal Watch show. Florida seemed like a great starting point, as it is home to some misunderstood predators such as Alligators, Crocodiles, Snakes and Sharks.

Animal Watch travelled to The Everglades Outpost and filmed alongside Gator Boy Chris Gillette in a new exciting episode covering the USA Alligator.  We then travelled up the West coast to The Crystal River where we filmed alongside the docile and awe inspiring manatee.

Animal Watch couldn’t leave Florida without getting up super close to one of its largest fish – The Tarpon. At Robbie’s on Islamorada, we filmed very large and ancient tarpon, some up to 8 feet jumping out of the water and taking food from presenter Anneka’s hand. The shot was to get a slow motion grab of food and a full hand consumption. That means basically the tarpon needed to take Anneka’s hand down his throat to make the shot. Did we get the shot?…Well, you will need to wait and see the episode coming soon to find out.

After the Tarpon, the Animal Watch team headed up the East coast to Palm Bay where we met up with the founder of The Blue Bay Shepherd Dog – Animal Watch’s most requested dog film. We have been meaning to film this for a while now, but wanted to meet the founder Vicki in person and her foundation dogs in order to make the perfect episode.

Finally we headed over to the exotic Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos to meet with a very special rescue charity called Potcake Place who save the stray dogs of the islands and re-home them out to people all over the world. The stray dogs are called Potcake dogs and are named after the scraps that used to be fed to them from the bottom of the cooking pots.

So, we have 5 new exciting episodes coming your way. Please stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to Animal Watch if you haven’t already by clicking the sub button HERE