Green World TV – Environmental Film to Inspire Change

We live in a beautiful world, perhaps the only one in our universe with such physical beauty, such wildlife and such environmental diversity. From space it looks lush, fertile and the animals which exist on its surface are incredible, as are the vast array of flowers and forests. The seas are erupting with life and supply us with the much needed ‘water of life’. The world, I think, is taken for granted. Man does not see its fragility, he just lives for today and not for tomorrow; humankind lives for himself and not for the Earth….


The world is at tipping point. We do not have much time left to reverse the potential catastrophic effects which may be coming our way. Rhinos and elephants are being killed at a faster rate to which they can reproduce, rainforest is being decimated, wild animals are being captured and sold as pets, if not first to be hacked up as trophies to put on our walls; the oceans are being flooded with rubbish and oil, whilst man spends all his time increasing on the 7 billion population and eating up every last resource on this planet.


We have lost over 40% of all land and sea animals since 1970 and some experts predict that we are headed for Earth’s 6th mass extinction. So while people shop, get their hair done and wonder whether they can afford the latest Audi TT, the world is dying before our very eyes. We cannot take possessions to the grave with us, so let’s all join together and open our eyes!


Do we want to live in a Blade Runner world, where the air is thick with poison and acid rain, where our children cannot breathe, where birds flying on the breeze are a thing of the past? I am sure the answer is no.


We need to open our eyes and see that everything and everyone on this planet are connected and then we will all find enlightenment. Once we all feel a connection to every human, plant and animal on this earth, then humans will be able to understand the importance of life.



I decided to create a 5 minute inspirational film based on the same feeling that both Unity and Earthlings give to its audience. A film based on truth, but with hope also, as without hope, we are all lost.

Please share my 5 minute Green World TV Film, as it was crafted out of pure love and passion to help stop this world from perishing before it is too late.

This will not be the last film, as I hope to carry on with this theme and craft out many more inspirational films to help create change in the future.

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Anneka Svenska x