Green World TV

Green World TV was founded in January 2015 with a dream to create campaigns and films for Wildlife Conservation and Charitable Organisations worldwide. Many animal charities struggle with finding openings for their content and also likewise struggle to fund certain projects. The Green World TV team comprises of a group of passionate and like-minded individuals, cameraman, editors and film makers who all feel the desire to value world change over profits.

Green World TV has worked with the following organisations and charities:

Wildlife Trusts, Born Free, The Badger Trust, World Animal Day, WolfWatchUK, National Badger Day, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, World Animal Day, Naturewatch Foundation, Mayhew Animal Home, Folly Animal Rescue, LionAid, International Animal Rescue, The Dog’s Trust, Humane Society International, National and London Pet Show, Helping Rhinos, The Black Mambas (Transfrontier Africa), Bristol Festival of Nature, Wetnose Animal Aid, VegFest UK, Viva! & Veganuary.

GreenWorldTV will launch in 2017 as the UK’s very first conservation, animal rescue and investigative wildlife online TV Channel and intends to bring a selection of educational and truthful wildlife TV shows, films and shorts to the world. Stay tuned – the channel will launch at

Please scroll down to see a selection of short films from this year, also you can sign up to Green World TV YouTube here:

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