Launch of Dogs Trust Microchippy London 10th Feb

It was another brilliant, fun and worthwhile event last night for DOGS TRUST. This time it was to launch awareness for the micro-chipping law coming into play on April the 6th.

To celebrate this, a wonderful pop up MICROCHIPPY venue was created for pooches and people to dine in harmony alongside one another.

A clad with animal loving celebrities and beautiful cute dogs, It was a sight to behold. Vegetarian hot dogs were served and everyone eagerly discussed the impending micro-chipping law which hopefully will save the lives of thousands of dogs each year.

Anneka Svenska & Nigel Marven attend Dogs Trust Microchippy

Anneka Svenska & Nigel Marven attend Dogs Trust Microchippy Launch

“Save lives? Why would my dog be in danger for not being chipped?” I hear you cry….. well, if you lose your dog and you are not reunited with the dog, due to the dog not being chipped, he may end up in a council pound and be euthanised if deemed to be unsuitable for rehoming. This is why it is so very important to chip your dog. It will also help reduce the amount of thefts every year, as its easy to remove a collar and tag, but very hard to remove a chip. Not all dogs end up being sent to a pro-life rescues such as Dogs Trust for rehoming and if your dog is unsociable or sick, he could be in real danger if lost from you. Many council pounds put unclaimed dogs to sleep after just 2 weeks.

Microchippy is Open over Valentine’s weekend only (13-14 February), the MicroChippy will host four 45-minute sittings each day, at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. A £12 ticket includes a hotdog, side and beverage, with all funds donated to Dogs Trust. You can buy tickets here:


More information about the Microchipping law:

Q: when is the new Micro-chipping law coming into effect?
A: April 6th 2016

Q: What is a micro-chip?
A: A microchip is a small electronic chip, around the size of a grain of rice, which is implanted under the dog’s skin and contains a unique number that can be read by a scanner.The dog owner’s contact details relating to each number are logged on a central database, so should the dog ever go missing or be stolen it can be scanned by the authorities and returned to his owner swiftly and safely. It is vital that the owner takes responsibility for updating their details with the database should their circumstances change.

Q: How do I get my dog chipped?
A: Contact your local vet. Alternatively visit Chip My Dog and find out where free microchiping events are taking place!

Q: What happens if I forget or refuse to get my dog chipped?
A:  If your dog does not have a microchip, or if your current details are not recorded on an approved database, you may be served a notice giving you 21 days to comply. If you do not comply with the notice, you could face a fine of up to £500 on conviction. Alternatively an enforcer, such as a dog warden, may seize your dog, microchip it and register the details and then recover the cost from you.

Q: What if I cannot afford to chip my dog?
A: Dogs Trust wants to help as many people as possible comply with the new laws by helping to provide the procedure free of charge with the help of vet practices.


To read more about Micro-chipping via Dogs Trust, please click here: