November 2015 saw the return of The National Pet Show, now in its second year. Previously I had been invited to judge Superdogs Live with Noel Fitzpatrick at The London Pet Show, this Autumn, I was asked to return to host the amazing Hills School for Dogs where experts were there to advise people of how to care for your best friends.

anneka mexican hairless small

I do not support the capture of wild exotics to keep as pets and The National Pet Show do not support this either. Its important to stress that the reptiles and amphibians I filmed with that day were rescues or captive bred over many generations. I am also keen to stress that to keep an exotic is no easy task and wherever possible, I suggest that you either think of an easier animal to keep such as a rescue dog or cat, or at least visit a reptile re-homing centre.

Crocodile Joe, one of many experts I filmed that day, is the owner of many rescued snakes and lizards. He works closely with his local RSPCA and is always on hand to go and collect reptiles which have been kept in appalling conditions and to rehabilitate them before re-homing them. I filmed a beautiful Burmese Python, a black headed python, a wonderful Uromastyx lizard and a tarantula.vulturesmall

Other animals I met that day was a scary looking, but gentle vinagaroon, a giant millipede, some food motivated alpacas, micro pigs and a fabulous vulture. All animals which need great care and consideration before being given a home.

Noel Fitzpatrick was on hand to help people and give some great advice as well as to put on a charismatic ‘Bono-esque’ Supervet Live show to the audience. This guys really is Vet crossed with Rock Star and commands the stage with his brilliant larger than life character combined with his deep compassion for animals.

To watch my short film I made of the days events, please do click below, I hope you enjoy it and remember, RESCUE an exotic animal IF you really must have one, otherwise please enjoy them by watching them slithering free in the wilderness.