Review and Film: The London Pet Show Day 2 Sunday the 10th of May 2015

Sunday’s London Pet Show was just as tantalising and exciting as Saturday’s show and I arrived fresh to host The Nerf Ring and to again be a panelist on SuperDogs Live.

I caught up with Leigh Holmes of my local bird sanctuary ‘The Hawking Centre’ based just outside Maidstone. They had just recently visited The Weald of Kent show in my village so I had already had the pleasure of meeting their feathery residents. I had a chat with Leigh about some of the birds that they fly and we watched their live flying display in the main arena. For more information about The Hawking Centre visit:

I also filmed a very worthy organisation in my eyes, Homes 4 Hens. This lovely rescue takes barn hens right at the end of their laying careers just before they are about to be slaughtered and rehomes them with families so they can live their days clucking free in free range gardens and fields alongside loving families. I was shown the awful ‘before’ photos of the hens fresh from the intensive farming houses and then the ‘after’ photos, once their feathers have grown back and they are rehabilitated. It was so heart warming and I would certainly recommend that more people look to adopt an ex barn hen and give it a chance of real freedom and life, after so many years of being squashed and pecked. For more information visit:

Today’s most talented dog category winner was an amazing Staffordshire terrier called Ziggy, who has become an online sensation and has thousands of fans both on You Tube and also locally in Southend on Sea where he lives with his owner.
I caught up with owner and the charismatic Ziggy after SuperDogs Live and also Beverley Cuddy from Dog’s Today who told me that her magazine had been featuring Ziggy for some time now as he was such an exceptional dog. They have big plans for Ziggy as he is clearly an ambassador for all Staffordshire Bull terriers, showing that their absolute devotion for their owners can be channeled in pretty amazing ways. It was clear that Ziggy adores doing his tricks and his owner explained to me that many of the tricks, Ziggy actually introduced him to and not the other way around. Ziggy was a clear winner from the moment he stepped onto the stage and astounded the panel with his dog break dancing. To watch Ziggy on You Tube click through here:

I also caught up with Crocodile Joe who was given the title by local aborigines while living in Australia. He would save all of the local crocodiles that the aborigines used to try to capture for meat by throwing rocks into the water to scare them, thus being given this name by the locals. He was on hand to lend his experience in the world of reptiles and told me that he had met Steve Irwin a few days before his death and that he was a true hero to him. Sadly missed… Steve.

All in all a WONDERFUL two days which left me on a high for weeks afterwards. A real feel-good pet show, where the love for animals is so very evident. I love the fact that it promotes cross breed dogs, rescued animals and supports a multitude of animal charities. If you want somewhere that will warm your heart, I would certainly suggest The London Pet Show 2016.