The Big Fun Run for Born Free Foundation

This summer I decided to take part in the BIG FUN RUN – a 3km small marathon run for one of my favourite charities Born Free.

The Big Fun Run took place all over the UK and allows you to choose the charity of your choice. When I chose Born Free, President Will Travers dropped me an email and said that he was going to run the race with me and hopefully with a combined effort we could raise twice the amount.

Anneka Svenska and Will Travers of Born Free Big Fun Run 2015I set up a Just Giving Page and also made a small film encouraging people to donate to my Bon Free cause which was to raise funds for their new elephant sanctuary in Europe.

Born Free’s European Elephant SanctuaryBorn Free needs a European Elephant Sanctuary in order to be able to rescue and rehabilitate solitary elephants from zoos and circuses all over Europe. Right now there are no natural facilities for rescued elephants to go, apart from concrete zoos, so Born Free have a vision to buy hundreds of thousands of acres of land in a warm part of Europe and create a natural reserve, which would mimic the wide outdoors; where elephants can be wild and free with minimal interference from humans, apart from vets and staff who would be there to assist with their rehabilitation into the wild. These solitary elephants would be gently assisted into meeting and living with other solitary elephants. Hopefully it will be a heaven after all of the living hell they have had to go through. These captive raised elephants will never be able to be returned to the true wild, but this will be a great alternative.

Anneka Svenska and Will Travers the Big Fun Run for Born Free’s Elephants

Both Will and I managed to raise over £3,000 towards the sanctuary and ran the 3km despite poor Will suffering from excruciating sciatica.

To find out more about supporting this amazing project please visit: