The Official Green World TV VEGFESTUK BRISTOL Film is here!

The 20 minute exciting, fast paced and colourful official Green World TV film for The Bristol VegFestUK is finished and is here for all to see.

It’s taken my team a while as I wanted to really sum up the incredible vibe which I witnessed at this spectacular festival and to include all of the amazing people I met on the day – All true Vegan Heroes!

The film includes exclusive interviews with:

TIM BARFORD – Founder of VegFestUK & Yoah

JARVIS SMITH – Singer from Pheonix Rose & Founder of The Pea Awards, My Green Pod and PQ Magazine

ALAN LEE – Event Organiser for VegFestUKcomposite_14379228298748

WILL TRAVERS – President of The Born Free Foundation

PETER SMITH – Head of communications for The Vegan Society

MATTHEW GLOVER – Founder of Veganuary


ANASTASIA ZINCHENKO – Vegan Bodybuilders


KYLIE FACKRELL – Co Founder of TeenVGN


AMANDA HINDS – 365 Vegans

CHRIS MOORE – Editor of Vegan Life Magazine

ANNA MIDDLETON – Raw Chef & Nutritionalist for Rawsome


Please enjoy and share wide and far so we can inspire people to come along to all the VegFestUK Festivals this year and to think about making that change to VEGAN!

If you would like to read my original review and blog of the day please click here:


Anneka x
TV Host & Founder of Green World TV