Vegfest Bristol 2016

Vegfest Bristol is my FAVOURITE Vegfest, I wont lie…..I love the outdoor, festival atmosphere, however this year, the rain decided to descend on us poor vegans….BUT and I mean a very BIG ‘BUT’……..we didn’t notice! Why? Because we were having so much fun at the festival, filming with You Tubers and eating the best food on the planet.
Anneka Svenska Bristol VegfestUK 2016 Greenworldtv

I trundled down ROCKING my PLANTBASED GAINS T SHIRT by Hench Herbivore, with Vegan Buddy, beautiful model and activist Daryna, who is starring in GreenWorldTV’s new Vegan Make Up Film, the GreenWorldTV Crew and met up with various YouTube Buddies Ali, Tim, Klaus, Kathryn, Michael, Emma, Martin, Ed, VR, Lucy and many more…..also super vegan yogi Alex Walker.

I have to say, for anyone to even suggest that a vegan diet is boring, really needs to get their ‘bottom’ down to Vegfest so they can see the multicultural diversity of food that is there from around the world – Sushi, Tacos, Pizza, Enchiladas etc….
Anneka Svenska Bristol VegfestUK 2016 Greenworldtv

I had decided this year that I would be concentrating mainly on FOOD as I am always so busy filming that I forget to indulge, so what better way to indulge, than to actually eat AS I film…..and it was BRILLIANT!

In fact it was so good, that I was uncomfortably full, as stall holders donated their amazing food in return for being featured in the film! I think I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven.
Anneka Svenska Bristol VegfestUK 2016 Greenworldtv

I met up with countless friends from the Vegan Community and we all hung out, filmed and ate the food, even though we were soaked through.

I dont think I could ever miss Vegfest Bristol and utterly enjoyed every bit of it from the excellent talks, to the live music, to the food and the community feel.
Anneka Svenska Bristol VegfestUK 2016 Greenworldtv

Make sure to check out The VegfestUK Bristol Film in a few weeks and also make sure to get down to Vegfest London.

In the meantime, make sure to check out these excellent YouTube Vegan Channels, as these guys are at the heart of the Vegfest Community and are giving a voice to real change in the vegan community. I love them and so happy that this voice is growing.
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and my channel which is a hybrid of Wildlife TV and Veganism – Click HERE for Anneka Svenska (GreenworldTV)

Anneka Svenska Greenworldtv youtube