VegFestUK London 2015

Another fabulous VegFestUK. Every time colourfully different, every time a different town, every time full of incredible surprises and adventures!

I attended VegFestUK London on Saturday the 10th of October along with my production company Green World TV to cover the event in all its ethical glory.


Nothing could have prepared us for the vast hoards of people queuing around the block desperately trying to get into the venue which was already busting to bursting point with popularity.

Founder Tim Barford was ecstatic about the popularity, but sad that not everyone could get in this time around and promised to expand and make the next VegFest London much larger so everyone would be able to get in and enjoy the days events.

Level One was awash with colourful trade stands from food companies and charities. A clad with samples galore of tasty health drinks and super green smoothies to the naughtiest of vegan ice creams. I was amazed at the Vegan Cavier and sushi to hand and how similar to the real ‘thing’ much of the recent vegan food produce had become.

I turned a corner and was amazed to bump into ALL of the well known Vegan YouTubers all in one fell swoop, so we all had fun doing mass filming with one another. Stay posted for the fun interviews on the final film in a week or so.


Veganuary were on top form and couldn’t help but notice how popular their stand has become recently. 2016 Veganuary is going to be a big one and I cant wait to get stuck in filming with them.

I ate until I burst, drank green juices until I couldn’t fit anymore in and interviewed dozens of the general public pouring through the doors. Half way through the day I headed over to the Raw Zone for my juicing demo which was so fun as usual.

My good friends Duke and Rubin from the ethical band Besureis and the faces of Jane Goodall’s ‘Rages’ campaign turned up to support my talk and we had fun filming them afterwards.


At 5pm, we watched The Vegan Awards which was fabulous, we then went on to meet Germany’s Strongest Man Patrick Baboumian who has broken more records recently while being 100% plant based. He contradicts practiclly everything that all the ‘meat eating’ body builders say who I know about having to eat 10 chickens a day.

So finally after an exhausting 10 hour shoot with a fabulous film crew, the day was not finished. It was time for the official Pig Freud launch at Raw La Suite in Bayswater along with a close-knit group of VegFest friends including Juliet Gellatley, Jane Easton, Karin Ridgers, Katrina Fox and many others,. What a wonderful evening with amazing platters of tasty raw food. Tim Barford revealed Pig Freud in the ‘flesh’ you could say for the first time and everyone had a fabulous time as we tweeted out as many photos of the launch as possible.


Looking forward to Glasgow Scotland, not long now, thank goodness that some of my camera team are Scotland based 🙂