VegFestUK 2015

vfestcrowdVegFest UK is a really cool show which comes around 3 times a year: Brighton, Bristol and London.  It’s for vegans and vegetarians and the whole idea is to show everyone out there how easy it is to change your life around, eat greener, live healthier and save animals. There are stalls, chats and presentations. I love the whole concept and being someone who totally values health and fitness but with an ethical approach, this is totally up my street. This year I am doing some juicing demos and talks on behalf of Viva! where I head up their Juice section on their Recipe Club. I will also be Vlogging & Presenting for VegFest throughout the year as their official smoothie, juice and health ‘Queen’, which will be so much fun.


vegfestposterSome more info on the event:

“VegfestUK are organisers of some of Europe’s biggest veggie and vegan festivals! We came into existence back in Bristol in 2003, when Yaoh manager Tim Barford had the idea of mixing the seriousness of veganism with a rock-‘n-roll festival atmosphere, where people can do the following all in one place: eating, socialising, learning about healthy ethical eating, dancing, partying – you name it! It’s a heaven for many people, whether they want to mix with like-minded people, are curious about veggie lifestyles, or just want to eat all day and soak up the party atmosphere.

We started out under the name “Bristol Vegan Fayre” in the compact and cosy surroundings of the Watershed on the Harbourside in our debut year 2003, attracting 1,500 visitors and 40 stalls with some quality speakers shedding light on vegetarianism and veganism. Since then we never looked back:

  • In 2004, We moved to the L-Shed (now M-Shed) and remained there for 3 years;
  • We further expanded and moved eventually to the current venue of the Amphitheatre;
  • Our events were extended to the nation’s veggie capital Brighton from 2009 onwards,
  • Then renaming from “Brighton/Bristol Vegan Fayre” to VegfestUK, making the shows better and better at these two cities,
  • Taking the festivals one giant leap forward by bringing it to one of the nation’s most well-known exhibition venues Kensington Olympia in October 2013

So the past decade has simply been a fairy tale! And by the end of 2014 we will have already organised over 25 festivals in the UK, attracting big crowds at each one and influencing many towards changing their diets for the better! “

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