Anneka Joins Humane Society International’s #STOPYULIN Campaign

One of the worst nightmares for me is the Yulin dog and cat eating festival which takes place in China every year – dogs and cats are stolen off the street – some still wearing their collars and address tags, crushed into cages and shipped hundreds of miles to Yulin where they are auctioned off and then brutally slaughtered for meat.Yulin March 24th June 2016 Anneka SvenskaAs a vegan, I am totally in tune with not eating any animal and the thought of this equally churns my stomach, but this doesn’t mean that we turn our back on this festival as its practices are cruel and torturous.

China does not have any animal welfare laws and so animals are really abused in slaughtering practices, it hurts to see our four legged furry friends being killed, often still wagging their tails to the bitter end.

This is why I have agreed to join The Humane Society International’s #STOPYULIN campaign alongside Alesha Dixon, Ricky Gervais, Will Young, Brian Blessed, Chris Packham, Professor Green and many other people.Anneka Svenska Humane Socity International Yulin Campaign Ricky Gervais Chris PackhamHumane Society do excellent work and have been out in Asia rescuing many dogs from the meat trade, especially in Korea. It takes a lot of guts to see what some of their staff have seen and I salute them. I have also rescued over 15 dogs from the meat trade in Thailand, but as I did it from my computer in the UK, I did not witness the horrors which happen. Perhaps I will one day…..but dreading the day…..

Please in the mean time sign Humane Society’s petition HERE

If you would like to find out more about HSI’s work to stop the Yulin Festival, check out their website HERE

Protest March against Yulin dog and cat trade Anneka Svenska 24th June 2016

I will be speaking at the Protest March against Yulin dog and cat meat Festival London alongside Born Free’s Policy Advisor Dominic Dyer and Wildlife Presenter Nigel Marven – it will take place on the 24th of June and details can be found on the facebook page HERE
Yulin March 24th June 2016 Anneka Svenska

I spoke at the anti Yulin March last year and if you would like to listen to my speech click below – I have to say, it was one of the hardest speeches to have made. I really hope this horrific practice ends in my lifetime.